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About me 

I LOVE MY FAMILY. My family is the number one reason I got into photography. My husband is my biggest supporter and my girls are my greatest inspiration. Having the tools and ability to capture life's everyday moments is priceless.

I LOVE PEOPLE. I am a people person through and through! I can talk your ear off about anything and before you know it, we will be the best of friends :)

I LOVE KIDS. I have a bachelors degree in Elementary Education. From 2016-2020 I worked as a preschool director. It may not sound like fun to most people, but going to work to love on babies and teach toddlers was the BEST! You think your toddler is too much to handle? Don't you worry. I have the patience and energy to have your toddler laughing and playing before the end of your session. 

I LOVE MOMENTS. You know what I mean- The sweet kiss shared between a mom and her son. The look in a father's eyes as he smiles at his newborn daughter. The laughter shared with those who you love the most. That's what I want to capture. Your family's moments.

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